Pediatric Dentistry (Children Dentistry)

Specializing in dental care of kids from birth through adolescence.Paediatric Dentistry or dentistry for children
is a branch of dentistry which deals with problems related to children’s teeth. Generally, kids since the time they are born till they reach their adolescence are treated under this branch. A very few people understand the need of taking kids to specialised dentists. Dental problems in kids start way earlier and easily than you expect. The first visit for a child to visit a dentist is when s/he has first tooth erupted. Even infants can have numerous dental problems such as bottle tooth decay, early tooth loss, cavities and a lot more.

In fact due to certain habits such as thumb- sucking, kids are prone to develop rabit teeth, lisping, crooked and uneven teeth, gaps between teeth- which can be cured by orthodontic treatment or braces to straighten teeth. The fact is that braces or dental brackets work their best in teenage of your child. After that bones become harder and such dental treatments may take either longer or have lesser affect. However, there are now various other technologies and better solutions for straightening of teeth in adults too.

At Axiss Dental, we take special care of kids undergoing treatment. Our specialized paediatric dentists treat kids in a special manner so that they do not fear a visit to doctor and feel comfortable. We also make sure that parents are well aware of the preventive tips to take care of oral health of their children. Sometimes, it is important to know if the brushing techniques you are using are apt for your kid or not. We understand that every child is different and need to be handled differently.