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Laser Depigmentation

Genetics is the foremost common reason behind darker pigments. Excess build up of melanin make the gums look black or brown rather than pink. It is a very common occurrence amongst people of Middle Eastern or African ancestry. Extra pigment is not an indication of any dysfunction or disease. A reason for seeking treatment is the aesthetic preference to have pick gums for a better showcase of the teeth.

Few other reasons behind dark gums are medication side effects, possible gum amalgam filling effects and smoking,


Ways to have better looking and pink gums?

With Laser depigmentation, a modern laser dental procedure which is used in cosmetic surgery, the procedure removes patches or black spots existing due to excessive melanin in the gums.

Duration of the treatment?

The procedure is of duration of 20 – 45 minutes as it depends on the dark patches’ size and colour. You will be under local anaesthesia so that the procedure is comfortable in the best way possible.

Longevity of the Gum Depigmentation Treatment?

A single gum pigmentation treatment can survive for 20 years or even for a lifetime.

Cost of the treatment?

The cost of the procedure is in range of 15000 – 2000INR for both upper and lower gums which includes retreatment of any remaining patches left.

Healing Process?

No post treatment complication happens, but little discomfort may be felt by patients. A short duration discomfort may also be felt by people who have very sensitive gums. One can expect the patients to start speaking immediately and resume their normal eating habits without any delay on the completion of the treatment. Within 2 weeks, the entire area will heal.

Am I allowed to smoke?

Smoking being a reason behind pigmentation, all smokers are highly discouraged for smoking post procedure. However, post procedure you should not smoke for at least 7 days.

The process of the treatment

Vaporising and removing the top thin layer over the gum tissue leading to destruction of melanin producing cells is done by Laser Gum Depigmentation. The healing facilitates creation of new tissues, which are pink instead of the brown. A local injection of anestheasia may be required during the treatment with a short time for recovery and very little discomfort. There are times when one may have to undergo several sessions for getting the expected level of lightening depending on the dark patches depth and colour.

The ideal Candidate?

The main criterion is that one should simply have healthy gums. The health of your gum can be assessed with free consultation with the dentist.

Following type of cosmetic treatment does not suite :

  • Oral disease patient

  • Patients having periodontal disease (as it is not surface pigment issue)

  • Blood thinners consuming patients (may lead to excessive bleeding while being treated)

  • Patients having prominent tooth roots or thin gum tissue (they may feel ongoing sensitivity in case roots get accidentally exposed when gum tissue is removed)

Author –

Dr.Saurabh Gupta,

Faciomaxillary Surgeon and Implantologist,

Laser and Cosmetic dentist,

Axiss Dental Pvt. Ltd.