Ethics at Axiss:



  1. Axiss Dental doctors are continually trained and retrained in clinical advancements and routine dental procedures which enables the patients to receive best possible dental care without compromising on quality.
  2. Axiss Dental doctors are remunerated in a manner which is connected and focused on quality and patient care. They are incentivized to handle the patients with utmost care , compassion and following ethical practices.



  1. Axiss Dental doctors are trained in strict sterilization procedures, which have to be followed religiously.
  2. All clinical instruments are cleansed , sterilized in world class B grade autoclaves, then sealed in pouches to ensure 100% sterilization. Sealed pouches are stored in Ultra Voilet chambers till the time of use and always opened in front of patients. Spore testing is done randomly to see the efficacy of the sterlisation.
  3. Operatories are chemically sterilized and all surfaces are treated with disinfectants after each patient visit to ensure 100% sterilization.
  4. Dental chairs are equipped with one-way valves that prevent oral fluids from flowing back into the chair tubing, ensuring 100% sterilization.


  1. All Treatment options are explained to the patients in detail so they can actively participate in their dental care.
  2. Prices are clearly communicated to patients. Their consent is mandatory before the initiation of the treatment.
  3. Printed receipts on Axiss Dental letter heads are issued for all consultations and procedures to ensure complete financial compliance and transparency.


  1. Axiss Dental employees are discouraged to accept gifts in cash or kind under any circumstances.
  2. Axiss Dental employees and vendors adhere to a policy of zero tolerance for unethical business behavior. Complete transparency is followed in all dealings with patients as well as the vendors.