Flexible Dentures (Prosthodontics)

Axiss Dental, one of India’s top Prosthodontics clinics, offers the best and low cost Prosthodontics treatment, with a team of expert doctors.

Flexible Dentures

Axiss Dental clinics in Delhi and Gurgaon use a special flexible resin that prevents them from chafing the gums, allows the wearer to chew properly. It also provides a soft base that prevents the gums from being rubbed raw.

Prosthodontics Advantages

Flexible dentures have got various advantages over the traditional rigid denture bases. Translucency of the material picks up underlying tissue tones, making it almost impossible to detect in the mouth. No clasping is visible on tooth surfaces (when used in manufacturing of clear clasps), improving aesthetics. The material is exceptionally strong and flexible. Free movement is allowed by the overall flexibility. Complete biocompatibility is achieved because the material is free of monomer and metal, these being the principle causes of allergic reactions in conventional denture materials.

Clinicians are able to use areas of the ridge that would not be possible with conventional denture and partial techniques in dental hospitals. Patient can wear appliances that would normally not be comfortable. Flexible dentures will not cause sore spots due to negative reaction to acrylic resins and will absorb small amounts of water to make the denture more soft tissue compatible.

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