Annual Dental Plan – Family Plus

An easy and cost-effective way to care for your dental health.

You lead a busy life. A million things are vying for your attention. In this conundrum, the first casualty is your dental health. This is why Axiss Dental brings you Annual Dental Plans that regularly remind you of your appointments and check-ups, apart from offering free consultations and attractive discounts on interventions, should you need one.


Annual Dental Plan – Family Plus

A plan that includes exciting offers on high end dental treatment as well.


  • Free Consultation (Unlimited)
  • Free Digital X-Ray / OPG (Unlimited)
  • 4 Free Scaling
  • 10% Discount on Routine Dental Procedures
  • 4000 Off on Each Service of Braces
  • 1500 Off on Maximum 4 Implants
  • 15% Off on Metal Free Crowns
  • Valid for Two Year for 4 Member (two adults and two children below 18 years of age)