Established in the year 2004, Axiss Dental, the largest chain of super- speciality dental centres in India, is crafted by only one thought – Prevention and Not Just Cure. The brain child of Dr. Amit Sachdeva and Dr. (Capt.) Sandeep Sharma, Axiss Dental works with the passion of doing everything to make their patients’ life better.Accredited and acclaimed with many awards, it’s definitely the best in the country and renowned in the world for its impeccable services and flawless procedures. We have international standards of hygiene and dental practices and we conform to European guideline of dental hygiene and sanitization.

Axiss Dental is constantly working towards making people aware about dental and oral health since people usually do not pay any heed to their dental health unless there is some severe trouble they experience. When you come with your dental problems, apart from curing them we also guide with the preventive tips that can help you keep dental disorders at bay.

*Awards and Accolades

  • 2003 The Dental Advisor ****&half star


With a vision of not just curing by providing world-class treatments but also spreading awareness in order to prevent dental and oral problems, has made Axiss what it is today.

With distinct values such as high standards of hygiene at centres and world-class technology, Axiss Dental has established a name for itself in the industry. We have our centres in the country’s best hospitals such as Fortis Hospitals and Columbia Asia Hospital, Alchemist Hospital etc. We have finest dental technology at all centres to enable our patients avail the latest treatments available and get rid of their dental treatments. We also provide dental treatments to people with special needs with utmost patience and care. Our warm and friendly staff will cope with you in any situation and make sure that you feel comfortable and keep smiling.

We stick to our objective of Prevention and Not Just Cure and are committed towards dental health of the nation.