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Mr. Parminder singh, Delhi

Very happy with the experience of Axiss Dental. Satisfied by my treatment and handling of my case by the staff. Thank you.

Mr. Binoy Kumar Srivastava, Delhi

Good environment, Good behaviour and understanding of doctors as well as working staff. Feel at home.

Mr. Ambrish Choudhary, Gurgaon

I was looking for a reliable dentist in gurgaon for my daughter. Fortunatly I cam to know about Axiss Dental. I am impressed by clinic environment, quick response and superior service. I am quite happy and satisfied with their treatment. I am looking forward for my own treatment in the coming month.

Mr. Sudhakar Badanjale, Delhi

Axiss Dental is providing very excellent services at Delhi Rohini. I am very satisfied with your services as well as hygienic conditions because staff maintains hygienic conditions very well.

Suresh Bedi,Faridabad

Nice work. No complications. Procedure done very softly with all needed information to the patient. Excellent hygiene. Work on time. Excellent courtesy. Worth recommending to others.

Shikha Singh, NOIDA

Extremely satisfied with the treatment. The doctors are outstanding. Clinic has a very patient friendly environment. Keep up the good work

Mr. Vidya Ratan Jain, Delhi

Doctor's work is satisfactory and best. I appreciate all the staff, and hope services like this will continue and more better in future. Thanks

Mr. Prashant Gupta, Delhi

Very cooperative, hygenic, suppportive & adjustable behaviour of all staffs. Doctors I am fully satisfied with Dr. Nitin Bajaj really. Thanks him a lot.

Arenkunok Jamir, Delhi

I am very satisfied with the dental service. All the staff and doctors are very helpful and courteous.

Mr. Mohit Mehra, Delhi

It was very good experience indeed. Dr. Neha Gupta treated very well.

Mrs. Geeta Sharma, SDA

Had a very positive & pleasant experience. Geeta Sharma Dear Dr. Rachna,

I wanted to thank you for being so compassionate & understanding through my dental nightmares. I was always very nervous when I entered your very calming office. It has a wonderful atmosphere. I appreciate the fact that you were a very good listener & even your staff’s caring attitude was exceptional. Beena is very helpful & understanding. You have done beautiful job on my teeth, they look great. How great it feels to be able to chew normally again! Thank you for your expertise. I can always depend on you. I will no longer be as nervous about my future visits to you because of your thoughtfulness & skill. Thanks again.

Ashish Sood, Columbia Asia Hospital, Ghaziabad

rsz_ashishI would like to thank Dr. Romsha for her professionalism. She was extremely nice & informative & as for the hospital it is very nice well maintained & well versed with modern equipments.

Mr. Saksham Chugh, Delhi

I like each and every aspect of your clinic. So, please keep it up for always in all your future endeavour.

Ms. Arpit Raj Tandon, Gurgaon

Ms. Harleen is an awesome doctor. I have come across so far, she is an asset to the company. Doctor like Ms. Harleen will go long way and will definitely flourish with flying colours. Great advisor and great doctor. May god bless her with her skills. Kudos!.

Kalawati Singh, NOIDA

Happy with doctor's work. Axiss Dental doctors have taken good care of me. Thank you so much and God Bless You.

K P Singh, Delhi

The environment is very good. The doctors are friendly and working good. Treatment is highly satisfactory.

Neeta Panjwani, Delhi

Satisfactory, very nice and cooperative staff. Everybody made me feel good and comfortable. Thank you all.

Saloni Solanki, Rohini

Satisfied ! Feeling Good. Dr. Deepika - You are very sweet. Saloni

Saprava Mishra,Faridabad

I feel comfortable in Axiss Dental Care. Neat & clean environment. Doctor is co-operative.

Lal Thanzara, SDA

Minister of State Health & Family Welfare Minor Irrigation, Information & Communication Technology Mizoram                                                                                                                                                      Minister I have been coming to Axiss Dental clinic since the end of 2014 on Dr.Kimi’s recommendation and I am extremely pleased with the level of service and care I have received here. The doctors are very patient in explaining their recommended treatment and they truly make an effort to keep me informed & involved at every stage of the process. This demonstrates their genuine care for me and I am very happy and satisfied with the result of their treatment. The cost of treatment is also reasonable and I feel they do not propose unnecessary procedures/ treatments. I must mention that I am also very impressed with the co operation and excellent teamwork amongst the doctors across their own area of specialization, as they consult and coordinate with each other for me. I wish them all the best and I look forward to continuing my association with them.    

Shilpi Tandon,Faridabad

Overall experience has been satisfactory. However this was the first visit & look forward to the response of treatment done so far.

Mamta Devi, NOIDA

Very Good and Satisfactory Experience

Abhimanyu Mittal, Rohini

The scaling procedure and the cleaning done by the doctor is very good. The overall process and the staff is really good.  Mittal

Komal Katyal,Ludhiana

I am very satisfied with the treatment I am getting from Axiss Dental. Axiss Dental doctors treats the patients in a very family manner. Happy to be here.

Ms. Nalini Ranjan Mantu, Jalandhar

Completely, I am satisfied with the treatment. Right now, I have no problem and feeling healthy. I would like to mention about the behavior of the dentist as well. He has been very nice to me throughout the treatment.

Ms. Neelu Aggarwal, Jalandhar

I am very happy to have my treatment here from Dr. Japneet Singh. She has very soft hand. Her work reflects that she is a very good human being also. My fear of having dental treatment has gone now. My sincere thanks to Dr. Japneet Singh.

Ms. Mandeep Kaur, Jalandhar

About my treatment, all I can say is good. Doctors are also very nice. Behaves well. From hygiene point of view, it's excellent. Everything is sterilized. Surroundings are clean. So overall impact is very good. Technical point of view, I think the best technology is being used.

Mr. Sana Soni, Jalandhar

I really appreciate the services and it was a pleasant experience to be here..

Harbans Singh, Patiala

Good Services

Hardev Singh, Patiala

Doctors and nurses were helpful & knowledgeable. All my questions were addressed properly & the scaling was done very quick & up to the satisfaction.

Ms. Jaswant Kaur, Jalandhar

I was having infection in my teeth and lots of pain. Someone told me about Axiss Dental. As I came here for the treatment, it was so good to see such cooperative and helping staff. My treatment was done very calmly and cleanly which is the biggest point. All their equipments are also up-to-date. All over my treatment was very good and I am away from tooth problems. I recommend all my friends about Axiss Dental. Thank you Axiss Dental!

Manorma Dhiman, Patiala

Service is good. I am fully satisfied.

Mr. Manish Dwivedi, Jalandhar

The behaviour of doctors and supporting staff is so nice. The behavior of the doctor is up to the mark. I have undergone second time in treatment but treatments at Axiss make me feel confident and also I want to recommend somebody for treatment here.

Pratibha Gehlot, CHL Indore

Good feedback from doctor & staff.

Mrs. Premlata Sharma, CHL Indore

Good treatment

Nidhish Sharma, CHL Indore

Am happy with your treatment.

Muthulakshmi, Malleshwaram

Good caring and comfortable, liked the hospitality and service well maintained interiors.

K.P.Somasundar Babu, Basveshwarnagar

Excellent treatment and follow up treatment.

Dinesh Kumar, HSR Layout

It was a wonderful experience with Axiss dental care & doctor are really good we can rate as no 10/10. Thanks for good treatment & best suggestion by Dr. Dhiksha

Jesmin Sultana Jenet, Health city Cardiac, Bangalore

They provide better service I am all time produe for your service. Best of luck.

Mamta Agarwal, HSR

Excellent service.

Kanchan Chawla, Sanjaynagar

The doctors are excellent, they explain all the process before hand. They are very gentle during the procedures. All the best!!!

Samyukta krishnan, J.P nagar

Good & Satisfactory service.

Name:Animesh Das, Domlur

Caring and Very disciplined.

Magesh Samkaram, RM nagar

Treatment is very good, Front office is very kind, charges are high comparatively, Doctors are patient enough to explain the process before starting.  

Vijay Lakshmi, J.P. Nagar

Good Doctors and excellent facilities staff are helpful and well trained.

Abdul SamadBepas, JBN

Thanks for service, as the child was comfortable, the package offer is good as it helps in discounts and the free services.

Nitish Hegde, Jayanagar

Very good, excellent.

Amudha, Basveshwarnagar

Happy about the services and fees.

Rajshekar Gowda,Yelhanka

RCT was excellent, Mr.Shirag and M.K.Chiranjivi and his staff co-operation very well.

Karthikeyan, AECS

Highly courteous, took care of the need. Had wonderful experience with respect to entire treatment .definately recommend to friends & relations. Though I felt little expensive.

Valli.T, AECS

I came here for denture treatment for my mother, Dr. Regish& front office staff were very friendly, Informative throughout the course of 10+ weeks. Even the dentures provided &interaction are good. Keep up good work! Thanks

Prakash Rajan, AECS

Excellent treatment co-ordinal, friendly doctors over all more than excepted.

Chirag SIngh, BTM

Was made very comfortable throughout the treatment duration, initially I was bit afraid of pain that I might to bear, but none happened. Thank you AXISS! J Thank you to Dr.Gururaj & Dr. Shilpa

Prashanti das, Kammanahalli

Good service.

Lokesh Kumar, Bellandur

Satisfied with Procedure, Good Advice by doctor & Well Treatment.

Badrunnisa Begum, Health city Cardiac, Bangalore

I like the treatment. All over is very good. I like. Full feel. No complaints. I am very happy.

Vembu Muthiah, Bellandur

Very Satisfied with the Treatment!

Swati Singh, J P Nagar

Satisfactory treatment as of now.

Akshay S R, Rajarajeshwari Nagar

Very professional. Impressed by the care of the stuff. Enjoyed the overall experience.

Deepa.S, Bellandur

Doctor was very friendly & Explained very Patiently.

Lakshmy Trithala, Bellandur

Good!!! Really satisfied

Madhukar S.N, J.P nagar

Treatment was good carried out in comfortable environment using advanced techniques.

Disha. R, Sanjay Nagar, Bangalore

We are satisfied with the treatment & staff in the clinic.

Deethya G O, Health city Cardiac, Bangalore

We are satisfied with the treatment. Doctor and other staff are very friendly. The way of treatment & advice is very helpful.

Sneha N Prasad, Jayanagar

Doc made me feel comfortable & described my dental condition. Hope to have a painless experience.

Nurani Vishwanathan Subramanian, AECS

Excellent treatment, concerned of friendly approach by Dr. Regish.

Sandhya Iyer, Jayanagar

Very friendly and liked Dr. Nabiha’s job.

IshanGautam, AECS

The treatment was very good, Had a real special care taken by Dr.Regish and Dr. Roopak also special thanks to the staff who were very cooperative. Loved the reminders and elegancy.

Monica Santosh Shetty, Health city Cardiac, Bangalore

A warm welcome. Good explanation by the doctor, as which teeth to be removed, saved etc. Good briefing after the extraction of the teeth.

Pranati rani majumder, NH Cardiac

All doctors of here are good and very efficient of their own area. We are very satisfied of their patients management advise and overall performance/ wish every success for this wing.

Asha Mary Thomas, AECS Layout

First time I visited Axiss Dental Clinic as suggested by one of my colleague. What impressed me the most was the facilities available & the caring attitude of the doctor here. All the procedure I undergone was explained to me in advance & this eliminated the reason for fear. Dr. Rijesh did the crowning for my front tooth. This crown looks perfect & cannot be distinguished between the normal teeth. Thanks a lot to Dr. Rijesh for all the efforts is making my smile look perfect.

Preeti, Basaveshwarnagar

Service is very good, staff is also very helpful. Got a scaling done with minimal pain, good service overall.

Pushpanjali das, NH Cardiac

Doctors are much more efficient, their attitude towards the patient were quite appreciable. I wish every successive step of this dental wing.

Smitha, Malleshwaram

V.V Good, I am very satisfied with the treatment.

Chandrakala, J.P.Nagar

Service is very good!

Shubha C , AECS Layout

My first impression as I walk in is the sense of hygiene. Every staff you come across is gentle & courteous. The doctors are extremely caring & professional. Every instrument used is sterilized & sealed. All this gives a sense of being cared & protected. The feel is classy & the amenities are 5 star. Dr. Regish is the one who did my crowing. The fit is perfect and makes me feel like there was no lack @ the first place. Thank you so much Dr. Regish . Thank you Axiss Dental!

Yunas Rashid, Domlur

Good service , helpful staff & good value for money with good satisfactory treatment.

Ayesha Khaleel, AECS

Dr. Regish took care of entire denture procedure for my mother, he is really great @ his work. Paid attention to detail. I am do thankful to axiss for adding that smile in my mothers face.

Dr. Parimala S.Maroor, Malleshwaram

I am satisfied wih the treatment I got here, the staff the doctor, staff at the reception receive the customers with a smile and their attitude is appreciated.

Sucharitha K.V.V.R, AECS

Quality of the treatment is really good, initially analysis till end of the treatment process is good, price is little higher compare to other centers in Bangalore.

Rohith. A, Rajarajeshwari Nagar

Thank you for considering my requirements & getting the job done. Happy that I came here.

B.Praveena, Malleshwaram

Good treatment and very friendly but little expensive.

Nagaraja, Yelhanka

I would appreciate doctor patience on treatment supporting very good.

Charika Jose, Bellandur

The Treatment was good, Procedure were really good.

Nishant kumar, Jayanagar

I liked my first experience here, I was treated by Dr. Nabiha she was very caring and explained my situation in dental and also advised the next course of action.

Peeyush Chawda, Kammanahalli

It was one of my friend advice to me to visit axiss for the treatment. I can say axiss is one of the most friendly & best dental care I have received. I'll be suggesting axiss to my friends, if they need it.

D.V. Subba Rao, AECS

The Dentists were very kind and takes appropriate time to understand the issue, The RCT specialist didn't immediately conclude RCT was required only after carefully examining and taking 7 days RCT was done. The no of sittings to resolve my issue were too many (5-6 sittings) which is only inconvenience.

Lohit.I.M, L-ford

Excellent service & staff, and very well staff.

Mrs.Shilpa, E-city

Treatment is good, and very much satisfied.

Bibhash Roy, Nh-cardiac

Good service provided.

Antonella&Sajith, Domlur

Antonella: Good experience, with each stage explained by doctors, will prefer to come here again. Sajith: My tooth was in a bad condition, and I had to travel onsite within a short time, But the treatment given was very effective for the entire duration, I was onsite(Korea)

Sujeet Kumar, AECS

Plan to give treatment summary on the last day of treatment & lets not plan it for another day, rest all services are very good, helpful doctors & staffs

Jaishree Hiregoudar, Jayanagar

Dr.Sristi & Mrs.Sumagala are excellent, Ashwini was great to , Ulhas is a very humane aide and lakshmi was helpful too.

Bindu, Whitefield

Satisfied with the surgery.

Arup Ghose, Bellandur

Quite Satisfaction, Very convenient.

Faiaz Ahmed.R, L-ford

Excellent services provided, good taken care.

K.Abishek, Jayanagar

Good equipment and a friendly doctor, great experience.

Kumar Venkatarao, Jayanagar

Very pleased with the services from the staff.

B.R. Purnachandra, Malleshwaram

Good doctors, good O clean ambience, prompt timings.

Rohith. A, Rajarajeshwari Nagar

Thank you for considering my requirements & getting the job done. Happy that I came here.

Subhashini Srinivasan, Malleshwaram

The service was very professional, very timely, work well under tight time line, very sincere reception.

Rahul Sanath, AECS

Axiss dental clinic is a place where they can rest assured that my dental problems is resolved. Each year travel from Sydney to get my teeth cleaned. By the trusted hands.Dr.Regish who ensures that my teeth is well taken of At end of the day, I can leave here with a big smile, I would recommend Dr.regish& the clinic to rest of my friends & family.

Hitesh Singhvi, Kammanahalli

Nice & polite staff. Good doctor.

Joyshree saha, Nh-cardiac

The axiss dental has been very useful for my teeth, my teeth problem has been solved , thanks to axiss dental.

Sreedhara Mulagund, Basaveshwarnagar

Good work done, on time treatment done as per schedule without delay, doctors are very kind & courteous.

Kanai lal Saha, NH-Cardaic

Thanks a lot axiss dental for giving my smile back, my teeth problem has been solved.

Paranjay Lokesh Chaudhary, Bellandur

I am Satisfied with Service & Doctors, Experience is good.

Padamashree ,Malleshwaram

Friendly receptionist & caretaking doctor.

Sarika Balhara, BTM Layout

Excellent services, very happy with the staff, especially Dr. Shilpa who gave me the denture in very short period.

Rukmini, E-city

Good doctors, and very well maintained and hygiene.

Manoj Kumar, AECS(Kundanhalli/Brookefields)

Ambience of the center & information is excellent, totally satisfied with the consultation and had a good treatment.

Nikita Kabra, JP Nagar

Very Happy with the job done!! Great doc & good staff.

Talapathy.K, VDRP

Your services, doctors care appointment reminders all were excellent. Keep it up.

Rajasekhar Akiri, AECS

Excellent service has been rendered and I am glad to leave this hospital with great experience, doctors showed compassion and care through out the process.

Raghavan, JPnagar

Excellent service, very responsive, timely reminders. Doctors are excellent.

Shilpa Kota, VDRP

Excellent services, and very much satisfied.

Priya darshini. B, HSR

Excellent treatment with good equipment totally satisfied for what I have paid.

S.lmtia, AECS

Real good service and nice doctors.

Nareen Sultana, BTM Layout, Bangalore

The treatment was well satisfied, doctor took proper care & precaution while handling. Good equipments & safety measures were used while undergoing RCT treatment.

Nainthara, J P Nagar

Well equipped, well maintained. Would love to come here if I come across any dental issue (hope that doesn't happen). Dr. Karuna, who did my scaling, was very friendly & nice.

Sarika Balhara, BTM Layout

Excellent services, very happy with the staff, especially Dr. Shilpa who gave me the denture in very short period.

Niharika Patno, Bellandur

Very comfortable and easy treatment, Thank you so much Dr.Lokesh for making it so easy for me.

T. Umashankar, Malleshwaram

I had my RCT and crowns to the teeth, good job keep it up.

Biswadidev Patro, AECS

I had a good experience doing my sessions with the doctor, I appreciate their understanding of the issues, and suggestions for the better treatment of my teeth & health of gums. Thanks.

K.Manjula, AECS

I got bridging(3 teeth) done at both the sides experience is quite good in terms reception to the complete treatment. I am very comfortable now.

Hima Bindu.S, Sanjaynagar

Professionally treatment at best, I feel prices / charges are bit high.

Narayanan Nair, HSR

Denture fixed is currently OK.

Rohit, J.P nagar

Treatment was professional, felt comfortable doctor was patient and answered all my queries.

Vishwanath, AECS

Very good experience over all, Doctors were very good cordial & gave info & confidence on the process performed would recommend it to others.

Raghunathan, MSH

Service was quick, fast, efficient, narayana & other websites show incorrect mobile number for dental clinic. Update the information generally as 080-64515151 and the mobile numbers  goes unanswered, no response.

Aditya Balaram, Malleshwaram

The treatment that I received was excellent.

Usha Satish, Malleshwaram

Excellent service, very much satisfied.

Quamrun Nessa Mannan, Health city Cardiac, Bangalore

Doctors are very helpful. An excellent job has been done. Highly appreciate their effort. Cheers.

Sushma Bhatnagar, Yelhanka

Good RCT done, The doctors are very competent, it went smoothly.

Elangovan, HSR

We are happy with treatment which we got here, especially I would like to say some appreciation to Dr. Deeksha, she is explaining the problems in correct manner and taking care of every one.

Diwanji Pradeep kumar, BTM

It was very good & caring, got some good inputs as well how to maintain going forward.

Seema Ahuja, J.P.Nagar

Seems good service ,need to observe and come back. The charges are on the higher side though.

Balakrishna, Bellandur

Nisha Patel, Whitefield

I had very good experience at reception today as priti took good care for me, Dr, Pragya did a fantastic job to solve my overall it was fast and very good experience.

R. Gangadharan, Basveshwarnagar

Good courteous service. However treatment  cost I feel is on the higher side, for senior citizen you should have special concessional service. Axiss Dental can definitely afford it.

G.C. Shiva Kumar, Sanjaynagar

Good Ambience, good relationship and patient hospitality appreciated, please keep it up!

Sunanda Lonikar, J.P.Nagar

It was easy getting all the treatments done here at Axiss dental.

BanamaliNayak, AECS

Nice work by all the staff and mainly doctor, they are not a hurry , they are doing it slowly so that it will not get spoil, Nice behavior & nicely they are talking with customer. Now my grandpa is too happy with his new smile & nicely he can eat anything

Vimala Rangaswamy, AECS

I was given personal attention and the denture has come out well, sure I will recommend to others to go to Axiss dental- highly satisfied.

Susamma Kurian, Bellandur

Service was excellent and it is worth emulating.

Laja das, AECS

Had a good experience, Drs are helpful and friendly. Appointments are also handled well.

Aravind Shanthanu, J.P nagar

Dr. Abhishek was too good at his work, really appreciate it, rest of procedure could have been better with respect to timing and availability.

Rojina Shrestha, Rajarajeshwari Nagar

Am fully satisfied with the service here the way of consulting is good.

Vivek, HSR

Good treatment. Thank you.

G. Aravindan, Malleshwaram

The entire procedure of tooth implant was done in an educative and easier way. The way doctors appraise you and suggest you is good.

Satish Ranganathan, Sanjaynagar

Excellent service from the staff and treatment.

Akshay S R, Rajarajeshwari Nagar

Very professional. Impressed by the care of the stuff. Enjoyed the overall experience.

Shymala, AECS

Had a very good session with Dr. Regish who speaks softly & explained in detail the problems and also provided good solution and resolutions. Also had a very experience with Dr.Regish who is a gum specialist.


Consulted with Dr.Adityaa Singh, Manyata Tech park Bangalore. Doctor was very friendly and explained my dental condition, excellent service and very caring.

Sandeep O Mani, Domlur

Service was excellent, doctor was knowledgeable and she explained me about my current dental health and advised me on things, how I should take care off.

Banumathi Neelkantan, AECS

Friendly people, good job done by doctors and very co-operative.

L.Sriram, BTM

Very satisfied experience with the doctor and staff at this place.

Sushil Kumar singh, AECS

Excellent experience from booking the appointment to final treatment. Personnel attention makes it more fruitful experience altogether. It makes me come over again & again without any second thought, Axiss dental is the best option for dental problem.

Vr.V. Annamalai, AECS

Hassle free and painless experience.

Sheeba Abraham, JBN

The Doctor explained the procedures well & clarified doubts.

Moon moon Patnik, AECS

Entire experience was good with Dr.Sharath, wherein he would explain each detail with lot of patience which is very much required for a patient like me   The staff members were always co-operative and very kind. My special thanks to Dr. Sharath

Sampada Gaurav, E-city

Found good patient handling and proper intimation, completely satisfied.

Rojina Shrestha, Rajarajeshwari Nagar

Am fully satisfied with the service here the way of consulting is good.

Vivek Sheekla, MSH

I am very delighted having consultation with Dr. Harish & Dr. Shwetha. They explained the problem in a detailed manner and suggested the solution. Thanks very much, The Axiss.

Prof.Thankam Arun, L-ford

The services are at a very high standard and totally satisfied.

Rohan Patil, Sanjay Nagar, Bangalore

Good, caring.

Meghana Gaonkar, Bellandur

Meghana   Very friendly staff. I was attended to immediately & was taken great care. Dr. Vani is wonderful & was extremely helpful & also took real good care. Thank you.

Soorgee Antonio Michel,Health city Cardiac, Bangalore

Good development of the dental department for all of the staff.

Namrata Ginoya, VDRP

Very Good service, Caring docs , thank you.

Raja Krishna warrior, JBN

I have been a patient from May 2012: the attitude of all the staff/doctors is really pleasant. I have recommended this establishment to many friends.

Prateek Raghuvanshi, J P Nagar

Overwhelmed with the doctor & the staff. Truly great experience.

Dr. Hans Ambooken, Nh-cardiac

Good Service provided, very nice doctors and he co-coordinators'. Thank you!

D.Harshavardhana Reddy, E-city

Treatment is really good and painless, doctor is friendly.

Mohammed Arif, Whitefield

I had come to NH to get a full body check-up, as part of the same I had to undergo a complete dental checkup as well, which pointed out the defects in my teeth, requiring a rct treatment to be done, all went fine. Thanks to Axiss dental.

S.V.Prasad, E-city

Good job done, excellent team, great follow up.

Sai Prajwal, Sanjay Nagar, Bangalore

Good treatment, thank full to doctors.

Dr.H.S. Narayanan, Malleshwaram

I am very much satisfied in terms of treatment, the doctors & staff are very cordial and I wish all the best for them.

Satyajit Kanungo, Health city Cardiac, Bangalore

It was a pleasant experience throughout the entire process of root canal, cleansing & implanting new teeth was painless & done professionally. Thank you.

Kadambari, Bellandur

Very good and quick service. Thank you.

Pramila Tripathi, Domlur

The treating dentist was clear and precise in explanation.IMG-20141220-WA0003

Surendra Nath, Basaveshwarnagar

I got good treatment.

Piyush Samtani, Health city Cardiac, Bangalore

very good service.