Seeking Root Canal Treatment in Dental Clinic in Indore

Root canals have oRoot canal Treatmentften been subject of misconceptions. Many consider this an extremely painful procedure, which is often prescribed by overzealous dentists. It is a perception that has found a number of takers with many people shying away from this treatment despite its effectiveness.

However, there are many clinics that offer single sitting root canal treatment. Equally effective, this treatment also offers the advantage of a painless, fuss free and time saving procedure. But before you seek root canal treatment at a Dental clinic in Indore there are a few things you should know.

What is root canal?
There are extreme cases of teeth infection when the infection reaches the teeth pulp, causing pain. The root of the tooth can also get affected due to a traumatic accident. A root canal treatment is carried out to clean the root canal and the pulp chamber. In surgical terms, this procedure is known as a root canal treatment.

When should you approach a dental clinic in Indore for a root canal treatment?
–    When you experience excruciating pain when chewing or on applying pressure.
–    Hot or cold sensitivity for a prolonged time, even after the hot or cold matter is removed.
–    Tenderness or swelling in nearby gums.
–    If you notice a recurring pimple on your gums.
–    Discoloration of tooth.

What happens during the root canal?
Your dentist will start with opening up the pulp chamber to gain access to the root canal. Then the accumulated pulp is drained. In less severe cases this pus is limited to the pulp chamber. However, in severe cases it spreads to the root canal.

Why consider a dental clinic in Indore with single sitting root canal treatment?
–    This type of treatment is increasingly finding preference with both patients and dentists. Its advantages include:
–    This procedure is painless, which means it is far less traumatic for the patient.
–    The single sitting treatment takes very little time, often finished in a day.
–    Contrary to perception the treatment is quite cost-friendly. Often the single sitting treatment includes an antibiotic coverage for a few days.