Exploring the Correlation between Stress & Oral Health


Have you ever thought of the fact that even excess stress may cause severe damage to your overall oral health? A thorough analysis of the connection between stress and oral health reveals that excess stress leads to problems such as mouth sores, dry mouth, teeth grinding, periodontal/gum disease and unhealthy eating habits/poor oral hygiene that leads to manifold teeth, gum and mouth problems. Managing the level of stress in individuals thus helps to overcome a lot of oral problems. In fact, those suffering from extreme anxiety and stress should immediately seek professional assistance to undertake necessary measures to reduce their stress level and thereby maintain good oral health and hygiene.

First and foremost among the oral problems arising due to high stress/anxiety level are mouth sores. These can be canker or cold sores resulting from emotional upset due to various stressful situations faced by individuals. Although these sores disappear after some time, it causes irritation in and around the areas of occurrence such as inside the mouth, under the nose, around the lips and chin etc. A lot of remedies and treatments are there to heal both canker and cold mouth sores and it’s better to consult with professionals as soon as they crop up to avoid further spreading.

Clenched teeth also result from increased stress and anxiety. It also leads to problems such as teeth grinding or bruxism that leads to teeth and jaw damage. Temporomandibular joint disorders are also the result of increased stress. These oral problems can be minimized to a great extent by using night guards or other appliances recommended by expert dentists. Dry mouth is also caused from stressful conditions or as side effects of medicines used to control stress.

Extreme stress leads to unhealthy eating habits and poor oral hygiene. If individuals facing stressful situations consume unhealthy food, it causes tooth and gum decay and failing to maintain routine brushing and flossing habits under such scenarios increases the risk of oral problems. If daily exercises, healthy meals and routine oral habits are maintained, it not only helps to boost up the immune system of individuals, but also helps to overcome stress to a great extent.

Stress also leads to dental plaque and gum diseases like bleeding gums, gingivitis and periodontitis. Moreover, it also leads to unfavorable results and side effects, in spite of effective treatment of gum diseases. Healthy coping strategies, having a balanced diet, maintaining good oral hygiene habits such as brushing and flossing, regular visit to dentists etc. help to overcome various gum problems arising due to stress/anxiety.

It is better to take the necessary measures to prevent the onset of dental and oral problems arising out of stress. If you are undergoing through situations causing severe stress and emotional upset, consult the professionals to find out the best way to overcome the potential dental problems and disorders.