Digital Dentistry Techniques & Futuristic Dental Treatments


Technology has become an inherent aspect of every field and the same applies to dentistry as well which can be seen in the form of innovative and futuristic measures of dental treatments. These digital dentistry techniques make the treatment process more effective, painless and less time consuming compared to traditional methods used by dentists. Offering improved dental care is the sole aim of all hi-tech tools and techniques used by dentists at present. Moreover, the modern techniques have increased the success ratio of dental treatments, making the process easier, quicker, effective and enjoyable for patients. Forget dental phobia, anxiety and uneasiness while visiting dentists with the emergence of futuristic dental practices.

Dentistry has seen massive improvements with respect to advancement from the traditional techniques to the digital world that has widened the scope of dental treatments and procedures. Digital dentistry tools and techniques used at present include the following:

Intraoral imaging: It works on advancements in CAD/CAM and consists of a small wand with a miniature video camera‚ that gives complete impression of the teeth and gums. It helps to detect various dental problems and to explain the conditions to patients.

Laser technology: It is a safe and controlled technique used in teeth fillings, teeth whitening and other processes. It possesses the potential to replace the painful drilling technique in future as well. It finds use in periodontic, endodontic and prosthodontic treatments.

Ozone Therapy: It makes use of ozone to treat dental caries and teeth sensitivity. Ozone therapy is also utilized in procedures like root canal treatment, bleaching, maintaining oral hygiene etc., making the treatment process less fearful & more cheerful for the patients.

Digital Radiography/X-rays: This is the best alternative to traditional X-rays and provides a detailed view of teeth that helps dentists to easily detect the problems like bone loss, tooth decay, infected pulp etc.

Surgical Microscopes: These offer accurate visualization of dental structures‚ that speed up the treatment process and helps dentists to arrive at better conclusions via satisfactory images.

Cosmetic Dentistry: These include advanced dental procedures visible in the form of gum lifts, teeth whitening, clear braces etc.

Kinetic Cavity Preparation/Air Abrasive Technology: It includes advanced technique to spray away tooth decay without any drilling, vibrations or local anaesthesia.

Bonding and Adhesives: These are advanced dental materials that require little drilling and offer greater strength, better fit, tighter seals and natural colour.

Electronic Anaesthesia: This advanced technique makes use of electric pulses to ease sensation of nerves during the restorative dental treatments.

Computer Aided Dental Implants: It includes dental implants with respect to 3D view of the scanned area via computerized tomography that helps dentists to visualize the internal structure for type of implant required.

Computer Charting: It includes computerization of manual charting process via dental software packages, light pens, electronic probes etc.

Future of dentistry is definitely bright in the hands of friendly, innovative, safe and effective digital tools and techniques that have completely revolutionized the world of dental care and treatment and brought dramatic changes in the field of dental care and treatment process.

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