“My upper tooth got re-infected years after Root Canal treatment and had to be pulled out. Initially, I left an empty space there. But it became very difficult to chew food. Then, my friend recommended Axiss Dental. The doctor there advised me to go in for a permanent implant. Thanks to Axiss Dental, I got rid of my chewing problem and the ugly gap, permanently.”

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Axiss Dental – We feel honored to tell you that we are considered as one of the top dental clinics in Punjab with exorbitant success in treatment results since we began. It’s not just our words we speak; it’s all about the satisfaction you get.


Fortis Hospital, Village Mundian Kalan, Near Satsang Bhawan, Chandigarh Road

Ph: 0161- 5222 333

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Columbia Asia Hospital, Nabha Road, Near Railway Crossing No. 22

Ph: 0175 – 398 9896

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