5 Advantages of Dental Implants Treatment

Dental Implants in BangaloreAlthough teeth are meant to last a lifetime, nearly everyone loses a tooth or teeth due to injury, disease, decay or any other reason, necessitating replacement of the same. Earlier the options for tooth replacement were limited to dentures and bridges, but now with the advancement of dentistry, Dental Implants Treatment has emerged as the best option.

Besides being medically and scientifically advanced, there are many other advantages of Dental Implants Treatment over conventional procedures, which are summarized below:

Long Term Solution

The traditional dentures and bridges usually last for 5 to 8 years, and have to be replaced at some point of time. But with proper care and regular maintenance, dental implants can last for a life time. In the unforeseen case of any problems, some minor adjustments may be needed.

More Natural

Dental Implants are the next best solution to natural, healthy teeth, as they look, feel and work like natural teeth. Other options can result in bone deterioration, and may come in the way of normal activities like eating, speaking or smiling. Being permanent fixtures, dental implants help in maintaining the natural shape of your face as well as your smile.

Teeth Stability

Unlike bridge and dentures in which the adjacent teeth are often grinded, an implant is inserted in the jaw bone without impacting or disturbing the adjacent healthy teeth. This helps in making the other teeth more stable, thus preventing them from shifting towards the prolonged empty space.

Better Chewing Power

Normal chewing and eating can be maintained with dental implants, unlike removable dentures which can move or slip  while eating, therefore making eating a difficult and undesirable task. Moreover other routine activities like brushing and flossing can be practiced normally.

Preservation of Bone Health

Dental implants help in preserving and stimulating natural bone, because restoration of chewing power stimulates the bone, resulting in maintenance of its strength and firmness.

Besides the above, Dental Implants Treatment, also allows you to keep your teeth in your mouth, rather than in a cup, as is the case with dentures, besides worrying about the risk of your denture slipping while eating, smiling or taking. Moreover, with dental implants you can speak normally with proper pronunciation, unlike removable dentures in which you have to often struggle to speak naturally.