Welcome to Axiss Dental

It’s not your eyes or lips; it is for sure your teeth that get noticed first! Why hide it, when you can smile with confidence. Axiss Dental, India’s leading multi-specialty chain of top dental clinics with over 65 state-the-art dental clinics across the country has been providing good dental treatments in India since 2004.

Quintessential skills of our dental surgeons, high standards of hygiene and technology amalgamate to help us emerge as the top Dental hospital in India (Dental Clinic in Delhi). Founded by Dr. Amit Sachdeva and Dr. (Capt.) Sandeep Sharma, two of the best dentists in the country, Axiss has the vision to establish a preventive and affordable approach towards dental issues.

Right from dentistry for kids to senior citizens, our dental surgeons provide good, complete and affordable dental treatments at our clinics. We offer Laser Dental Treatment, Dental Surgery, Root Canal Treatment (RCT), Teeth Whitening, Wisdom Teeth Removal, Paediatric Dentistry and a lot more – a plethora of services that only the top dental hospitals abroad provide at one place. We also operate a 24 hour dental helpline in the city of Bangalore for any dental emergency, and are planning to provide this 24 hour dental helpline service in other cites as well. We are committed towards providing unparalleled services and we strictly adhere to the standards set by American Council of Dentists at our dental clinics.

Our ideology is Prevention “Not Just Cure” to help people understand how simple steps carried out daily can prevent major dental diseases, and in turn, avoid dental surgeries at our clinics. Even simplest of habits such as brushing and flossing can make a huge difference in your dental and overall health. Successfully helping people to prevent dental diseases as well as curing them with the best of treatments across the globe, we take pride in spreading smiles to millions of patients.

So don’t wait for a dental emergency to strike. Get in touch with us today through this website or locating an Axiss Dental clinic near you!